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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More Americans Moving to Mexico than Mexicans Moving to the US

There's even a TV show literally called Gringo in Mexico
The number of Americans that have emigrated to Mexico has been on the rise. Today, that number is twice as high as it was a decade ago.

There are 850,000 Americans legally living in Mexico. In addition, there are an unknown number of Americans that live permanently in Mexico, but never get a resident's visa. If you add Canadians, the second most numerous group of expats in Mexico, we could be talking about 1 million ex pats living permanently in Mexico. Again, the exact number is not known because many Americans don't get residents papers and are unaccounted for.

The number of Americans coming into Mexico is now bigger than the other way around. Despite what most people think, ex-pats in Mexico live all around the country, not just in famous resorts.

As to why Americans are coming to Mexico:

-It's close. You can always take a flight home or even drive back.
-It's cheap. Compared to the living prices in the US, living the good life ("la buena vida") in Mexico is rather inexpensive.
-Healthcare is actually affordable. One of the main reasons Americans come to Mexico is because they can't afford the healthcare they need anymore. Many times, they decide to stay.
-There are always ex-pat communities. You don't have to be the only gringo in town if you don't want to.
-Most brands are chains are found in Mexico. Because ex-pats are so numerous, companies have invested in making the most common products they are used to available in Mexico.
-Roads and Internet are great. Of course, unless you take a dirt road to some rural village, but some Americans come precisely for that.
-Mexico's culture. This is not the space to talk about Mexico's rich culture. Suffice to say, it is a culture famous worldwide.

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