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Monday, August 25, 2014

Information about the Personal Accident and Health Insurance Industry in Mexico

People not in poverty often prefer the public IMSS program instead
There is a new report, issued by about the personal accident and health insurance in Mexico.

In specific, the report indicates that the personal accident and health insurance industry in Mexico has grown at an annual rate of 10% from 2009 to date. The pillars of this growth are the increasingly bigger allocation that Mexicans are giving to medical expenses, the constant, if slow, GDP growth, and government programs to encourage people to buy health insurance.

Out of the three types of insurance, travel, accident, and health, this last one accounts for most of this growth (88%). Also, 10 insurance companies cover 90% of the market.

Finally, only 18% of Mexicans use private health insurance, so these growth is generated by less than a 5th of the population.

I would have liked to write more about the results of the report, but at a cost of $1,500 dollars, I'll pass. I suggest you get a copy of The English Speaker's Guide to Medical Care in Mexico instead. However, if you want to get the report, you can find it here.

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Robert Ervin is a freelancer who writes about healthcare, medical tourism, and living in Mexico.

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