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Friday, August 1, 2014

Assisted Living in Mexico

The Golden Years South of the Border
Assisted living is one of the services that Americans look for in Mexico.

Let's understand first what assisted living is. At the end of their lives, many Americans find that they want to have the highest quality of life they can afford over a long period of time. Also, some people suffer from illnesses or diseases that need constant care. Finally, some children have to financially support for the care of their parents in their senior years. For all these people, assisted living becomes an economically viable option.

However, because assisted living is related to the quality of life in the long run, people want to have the best one they can get at a price they can support on a permanent basis. Many of these senior citizens or their patients find that they can get a much higher quality of assisted living in Mexico for the same price that they would pay for lower quality assisted living in the US.

There are three main types of assisted living:

Independent living. Independent living is the choice for retired people in reasonable good health. The service arranges for them a beautiful place to live, where they can participate in social activities and have medical services nearby. The price usually includes the services of a maid once a week, and meals, although many people choose to cook for themselves just for the pleasure of it. People who choose independent living don't have to worry about looking for a decent and safe place to live, or deal with landlords, plumbers, or electricians. The price allows them to have a high quality of life while saving money for future health care problems.

Assisted living. Assisted living is the choice of people who need regular medical care, have lost some of their independence capabilities, or just want to take life easier. In addition to the services of independent living, it includes programmed meals, and frequent healthcare services. People who are in assisted living typically enjoy or participate in social activities provided by the institution.

Nursing care. This service is reserved for people who have lost a lot of their independence capabilities, typically due to a physical or mental condition. This type of care is akin to hospital care. Depending on the case, it may include some basic social activities.

Institutions don't always fall neatly into one of these categories and their services may include one, two, or all three types of assisted living.

Finally, there is another reason why senior Americans choose to get assisted care in Mexico. In Mexico, senior people tend to be loved, respected, and appreciated. Mexicans see the elderly as a source of wisdom and experience. Sadly, it is something that Americans seem to have lost, judging from the increasing number of children who forget about their parents once they are sent to a nursing home.


Robert Ervin is a freelancer who writes about healthcare, medical tourism, and living in Mexico.

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