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Monday, July 14, 2014

Integrating a Medical Check-up in Your Vacation or Business Trip

In Mexico, senior citizens are seen with respect.
General medical check-ups are some of those things we say we will get one of these days but we never get to do.

People never get medical check-ups because they are not urgent. And in this world where we're always in a hurry and there's always a task that was due yesterday, we just can't plan for something we don't see the concrete value right away.  A medical check-up is a preventive measure, so when we get one, we do it while we're healthy and thus we generally don't feel physically better after one. And then there's the problem with medical check-ups being

However, a medical check-up can detect a serious health problem in its early stages, where it's easier and cheaper to cure it or control it.

On the other hand, we do plan for vacations and business trips. Unlike medical check-ups, we see the concrete benefits of these trips right away, and thus we end up planning for them.

So, why not plan for both? Many Americans travel every year to Mexico for vacation or business. In addition, there are many hospitals and clinics in tourist destinations that offer medical check-ups. These can be set with an appointment and thus you don't have to lose a lot of time. In fact, many tourists get them when the sun is at its strongest in the middle of the day. This allows them to enjoy the morning, avoid the heat of the mid-day, and then enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

A medical check up involves many tests, but it also involves a lot of talking. A doctor will talk with you about your medical history, the medical history of your family, your lifestyle (stress, alcohol, smoking), the risks associated with your gender, age, or profession, your diet, medications that you may be taking, and any current problem you may have.

A medical check up in Mexico will be much cheaper than in the US, take place in a beautiful destination, and most importantly, will detect any problems early and avoid you future pain and costs.


Robert Ervin is a freelancer who writes about healthcare, medical tourism, and living in Mexico.

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