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Friday, June 6, 2014

Finding a Doctor or a Hospital in Mexico: A New Guide

Many Americans who live in Mexico or visit Mexico are concerned by what to do in case they need medical assistance.

This is actually a very justified concern. If something happens, whether it's an emergency or not, you need to know where to go, who to contact, what number to call, and most importantly, whether you can explain to the doctor what the problem is in English.

If you want to live in Mexico or visit Mexico, you might want to obtain a copy of The English Speaker's Guide to Doctors and Hospitals in Mexico. This guide is a directory of physicians and practicioners of medicine in Mexico that have been recommended by ex-pats and international organizations.

The information is sorted by location and specialty. So, you can find a gastroenterologist or an internist if that's what you want.

Note that Mexico is still a country of extremes. In some areas, health care is widely available and there are several doctors and hospitals. In others, there might be only one doctor and a small clinic. Still, it's a good idea to know how to contact that one doctor or clinic or to know who to contact in the closest city. This is also the reason why the level of English will vary from doctor to doctor. However, all the doctors in this guide speak some degree of English and you can expect a lot of them to speak English fluently or to have completed their studies in the United States.

The guide was compiled and written by Monica Rix Paxson, who also wrote The English Speaker's Guide to Medical Care in Mexico, which I also recommend if you want to know how the Mexican medical system works, how it differs from the American one, and what to expect.

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