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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Importance of Getting Dental Care NOW

Don't wait until it's too late
I have written a lot about many Americans have been going to Mexico to get health care at a lower price. That's a choice that many people make and it's as valid as getting your health care in the United States.

Today I'm going to write a bit about how important it is to get dental care NOW.

Basically, if you need dental care, it doesn't matter whether you get it in the United States or in Mexico. What matters is that you have to get it as soon as possible.

Many people postpone dental care because it's expensive. However, when a dental problem goes untreated, it will just get irreparably worse. This means that eventually the treatment will be more complex and more expensive. Not to mention that the whole experience will be more painful. If you need a filling now, and you postpone it, by the time you go to the dentist, you may need a crown, which is significantly more expensive. If you keep postponing it, then you will lose the tooth, and will need an extraction and a bridge. Or an implant. And by then the infection may have extended to other teeth, meaning you'll need a solution that involves several implants.

The whole thing will be more expensive, you'll lose your natural teeth, and of course, you will have to spend extra money to buy drugs to keep the pain under tolerable levels.

And it can all be avoided if you go to the dentist now.

Initially, I wanted to base this article on a study that Aspen Dental ordered and that was carried out by ORC International. The study was about how lower expected incomes and the idea that dental care was not crucial was causing Americans to postpone dental care until it was too late. However, I tried to find it, and while I found several references to it, I didn't find the study. So, I cannot confirm that these claims are true.

Anyway, please, if you need dental care. Go get it today, whether in Mexico or the US. Your teeth and your wallet will thank you.


Robert Ervin is a freelancer who writes about healthcare, medical tourism, and living in Mexico.

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