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Friday, July 19, 2013

Not-so-famous Retirement Destinations in Mexico

You can't visit Mexico and not have the Puebla Zocalo Experience
If you're considering retiring in Mexico, you might have heard of destinations such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cuernavaca and Ajijic.

Today I stumbled upon an article that talks about other destinations that are as pretty or attractive as these.  I agree that all the places mentioned in the article are very good choices for retirement. However, precisely because they're not so popular, they require a bit more of a commitment from your part if you choose them as a place to live. For example, you might have to learn a bit more Spanish than basic greetings or asking how much the kilogram of tortillas costs? (Although I seriously encourage every English speaker who comes to live in Mexico to learn the language, since it makes a great mental exercise and it makes your stay much more pleasant).

Sayulita. A lovely village very close to Puerto Vallarta.

Patzcuaro. A beautiful and famous lakefront town in Michoacan on the West coast of Mexico.

Puebla. By far my favorite city to visit. The zocalo (main square) is the zocalo against which all other zocalos in Mexico are measured with. It's also a bit of a museum-city, with plenty of cultural activities to do. The famous pyramid of Cholula with a church on top is very close, as well as the Africam Safari open zoo, which is a delight for children. The food and pottery are not to be missed.

Costa Maya. Not far from Cancun, there are many small, beach towns that are perfect for those who are willing to let go of comfort and consumerism for a much simpler, quieter lifestyle.

Campeche. To be honest, I haven't been there, so I can't comment about it. But it is on the list, so I'm including it here. It's in the east of the country.

Valle de Bravo. If the small city of Cuernavaca, an already popular destination for retirement is still too hectic for you, then you can choose to live in this high-class lakefront community. A popular destination for middle and high class Mexicans.

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