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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery: US vs Mexico

Every year, the cost of cosmetic surgery in the US goes up. And every year, more and more Americans go south of the border to get it because they can't afford it at home or because they want to save a few thousand dollars.

Obviously, quality should be considered first, and that's why many others decide to stay home and pay the higher fee or just go without cosmetic surgery. However, there are many excellent Mexican surgeons and hospitals that measure up to US standards. In addition, hospitals in big cities or cities with an important ex-pat community will have English-speaking staff.

Here are the comparative prices of the most common types of cosmetic surgery*. All prices are in US dollars and researched in May 2013. The price in Mexico includes round-trip plane tickets New York City-Mexico City for two people and two nights at a first class express hotel in Mexico City's Reforma neighborhood, considered to be one of the safest and most expensive areas of the city, for one person.**

                                                                             US            Mexico***
Aumengtation Mammoplasty / Mammaplasty    $10,000        $4,700
(breast augmentation)                       

Rhinoplasty                                                     $8,000            $2,200
(Nose reshaping, nose job)

Blepharoplasty                                                $3,000            $1,530
(Eyelid surgery)

Liposuction                                                     $5,000            $2,600

Abdominoplasty                                              $7,000            $2,700
(Tummy tuck)

Rhytidectomy                                                  $10,000        $3,200

Mastopexy                                                       $7,000            $2,700
(Breast lift)

* Prices are approximate only and may vary depending on your specific needs, the scope of the surgery, and the state where you live in.

** Prices during low season and plane tickets bought 3 months in advance. Plane Tickets $450. Hotel $260. Total $710.

***Exchange rate as of May 2013


Robert Ervin is a freelancer who writes about healthcare, medical tourism, and living in Mexico.

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